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Welcome to my personal web page where you can download my lecture notes and access other resources.

I have moved the blog that was originally posted on this site to a new location: www.ogleye.com, but don’t worry the content is the same and I am still managing the new site.


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  1. Hello there Ms Gifford,
    I recently had the pleasure of seeing you lecture at the NZAO conference and found your presentations really enjoyable.
    I am stuck with an identical issue with 2 patients & wonder if you can offer any advice. The 2 teenage boys are orthophoric with no issues at all with their OMB and no refractive errors. They both however have accommodation lags of about + 1.75 to +2.00ds and are having problems with near task eyestrain.
    Both see an immediate benefit of +1.00 readers but I would rather not leave it at that. Do you know of any orthoptic exercises to reduce the lag? They are both keen to pursue this & I would like to help.
    Many thanks for any advice you can offer.
    Maurice Edwards MCOptom

    • Kate Gifford

      Hi Maurice,
      Thanks very much for your comments and your question. The most useful exercise I would suggest is either plus/minus or minus/minus flippers if you think they are capable – if they can clear -1.00 and -2.00 binocularly then have this made up into flippers to use for 20 min / day when reading, flipping every sentence / several seconds. As this will make reading harder I suggest this is done with an easy book, or even when watching a video on an iPad / youtube to start with, which can help greatly with compliance! Both children may also benefit from the support provided by the +1.00 at near but it’s up to you and their parents if they’d prefer treatment with both or would like to pursue the exercises first. In my observations it’s generally harder to permanently fix an accommodative problem than a vergence problem, perhaps due the differential autonomic control of each, so there’s a decent chance they may still need the plus support at near. I hope that helps.
      Kind Regards,